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For more information on what being an ambassador is all about, check out our Ambassador Program Page.
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Application Video:
This application includes a short video about why you would be a great ambassador.  
We suggest that you complete this video BEFORE filling out the application so that you're ready to go!
Video Requirements: 
  • Length: 1-3 Minutes
  • Format: Any standard video format (mobile phone video is fine)
  • Sharing: Upload video to Google Drive or YouTube/Vimeo. Make sure it's shared publicly.
  • Content: Video should include action video and/or still photos of your sport(s), shots of you speaking or your words, plus any other creative elements that display your passion for your sport and your commitment to becoming a Ambassador.
All ability levels are welcome - whether you're a serious athlete, or just seriously stoked!
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I do hereby irrevocably grant and its representatives and employees the right and license to the unlimited use of my application video, and the full right to incorporate images of said video into merchandise and related promotional m
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If you were referred by another ambassador, please share her FULL name!
List 1 or 2 sports that you participate in the MOST - these will be listed as your sports on the website.
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