This is the mailing list for Michael W. Layne, the author of the Trent Walker Trilogy (Trapped in Whittier, Hunted Under Vegas, Buried in Alaska) and other thriller and horror stories such as Running Club and The Gate. Emails will be infrequent and deal only with new thriller/horror books, discounted introductory prices, etc. (I hate spam just as much as you do).

As soon as you receive your final confirmation email, you will receive a link to follow to pick up your free eBooks. Becoming Walker is a novella about Trent Walker when he was a kid. Even back then, he was getting himself into some pretty frightening situations. Read the book to learn how Trent became, well...Trent. Also, I just added two straight up horror short stories (The Closet and Thirst). Please enjoy those as well.

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