Launching Spring 2015...
Jillian Roth brings YOU a 4-week self-guided course that will...
guide you through the Identity Landscape of our society to lay the foundation of an exploration into your social and personal identity using storytelling, visuals, and self-inquiry prompts to help you discover your authentic voice. The course will conclude with bringing it all together through the lens of intersectionality by unveiling your authentic sweet spot.

I invite you to join me on this journey to:
  • explore race, gender, class, and sexuality (+ more) in a safe space.
  • connect with like-minded individuals willing to openly dialogue.
  • feel more empowered.
  • build your understanding of identity and how it plays out in your life, family, community, and the larger society.
  • increase your self-knowledge.
  • gain clarity around the complexity of you personal and social identity + how they intersect to create a space of authenticity.
  • feel pride in who you are.
  • create a personal LOVElution.
This course is for YOU if you:
  • * are a female leader or entrepreneur, who's open, respectful, and willing to explore your complex identity as a path towards love, pride, and understanding.
  • * have a dream or goal yet something is getting in the way.
  • * desire to be your best self in all areas of your life.
  • a boost of confidence & pride in your own skin,
  • greater self-awareness & empathy,
  • increased skills & tools to create an equitable work culture, and
  • * tips to explore & dialogue with others on the topics discussed.
The world needs more WOMEN who have an understanding of their identity and the impact it has on our life experiences, so we can each step out and...
BE Courageously BOLD!!!
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