My newsletter is how I stay in touch with my readers and it's about much more than letting you know I have a new book out. It's how I get your feedback on which book I should make into an audiobook next, which character you'd like to see a book about next...books have literally happened or not happened because of what you told me in the newsletter. Newsletter readers also get exclusive giveaways I don't share anywhere else, for candy, signed copies and the opportunity to name characters :)

I have written two books exclusively for my newsletter readers - you'll receive them when you join and they're not available anywhere else. Brothers is a full length novel which brings all four brothers from my O'Harra books (Punching and Kissing, Bad For Me, Saving Liberty and Outlaw's Promise) and their women together to search for their missing brother, Bradan. Losing My Balance is a 30,000 word novella for my Fenbrook Academy series that tells Neil and Clarissa's story.

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