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Hi there!

My name is Bryan, friends like to call me bosslee.
Together with my wife, we started 123Superherbs.com with a simple idea to get more people to learn about the benefit of Chinese herbs.

As we grow older, we also start to pay more attention to our health. Something we never really pay attendtion to when we were young. My family is Cantonese and we always have the tradition of having a bowl of soup in every meal.

In every soup, Chinese herbs are added to it. This is different from medicinal decoctions prescribed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners (TCM). Decoctions are usually blackish in color, very bitter and have very strong smell, while Chinese herbal soups are much more palatable. They are gentle tonics meant to nourish the body and maintain proper bodily functions. This site was born to spread the idea 

If you are interested in using Chinese herbs for cooking, I welcome you to join us, a grow community on understanding how food works and how it heals us. As a member you get access to the following:

  1. free recipe ebooks and videos
  2. kitchen gadgets deals (at times, we do mass order for awesome kitchen gadgets)
  3. latest update on food health and tips on eating better

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